• Assess and maintain continuous business & IT readiness

    Ciensys blueprint helps businesses communicate the full scope of end to end preparedness, much earlier in the lifecycle; deliver efficient service to customers and the best working experience of staff, suppliers and partners.


    We supply blueprints for end users, to find relevance of their overall capabilities and their best arrangement for efficiency, reducing risks and saving time and money.


    Eg: Relevance in terms of new working ways, new technology (AI, IOT, automation, analytics)


    We also work with partners who specialise in sophisticated business and technology services; develop their ideas, support value propositions and help realise solutions in the context of their project's specific needs.


    Eg: IT service providers, resellers, digital studios, original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) , and technical centres-of-excellence

  • Promote standardisation, common language and reuse business-wide

    Shorten the learning curve, reuse good practices, identify trends /lessons learned and use that to drive risk management

    Before change

    Explore new ideas that are not fully formed, narrow down possibilities and iteratively develop them into full-fledged solutions for delivery.

    During change

    Find the shortest route to generate design-ready requirements, solution and technical design to build solutions around critical needs for deployment.

    After change

    Deploy persuasive use cases that are feedback and evidence driven; adjust and correct course as required to ensure outcomes are sustainable.