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    1. The service enables your enterprise to:
    • Find inexpensive ways to do business, fund growth, and rethink new possibilities.
    • Drive affordable change, using everyday operations as a lever.
    • Increase alignment of IT and data to answer business questions.
    • Achieve business readiness to plug & play technology.
    If your goals are different, we can create a tailored solution that works for you.
    2. Blueprint publishes business-wide architecture that turns current state into a reusable knowledge asset.
    The 'blueprint' metaphor is borrowed from building blueprint; takes inventory of building blocks that enable or constrain a business.  The architectural approach helps understand the constraints impacting the defined solution and engineers the right abstraction of the 'big picture' without compromising traceability to low level details.
    Applying principles of grid reference systems, blueprint benefits everyone internally, it helps to build consensus, and progress external discussions with specialists, suppliers and partners.  Located in Newcastle upon Tyne and London, UK, Ciensys specialise in architecting solution-adaption, that continuously adjusts to changing times and never gets dated.
  • a. Capture, model, map + document current business state in its entirety such that it can be referenced by everyday operations - before, during or after making business-wide changes.
    b. Answer frequently asked questions relevant to overall vision and everyone's work, bridging the collaboration and communication gaps.
  • 3. Because......
    3a. It's difficult to pinpoint change needs across 500+ business processes
    of a typical enterprise, which often results in implementing IT solutions that may work but leave underlying business goals unresolved.
    3b. It's hard to maintain transparency across 100+ solution parameters
    and visualise change before change happens. .
    3c. It's tough to capture disruption opportunities for widespread adaption, as organisation elements are evolving at all times and cannot be configured for technical implementation .
  • 4. Evolved over 15+ years, the blueprint approach continues to help clients recognise business value while securing company-wide agility and humanising technology -  where digital, online and automation matter.
  • Usecases

    Occupational Health; Create a bedrock for overall performance + growth

    Incoming operations director needed an anchor for everything going forward –mitigate sales risk, win work and bring other issues to the surface; for staff (30 staff and 20 IT applications) to draw on every day issues and contribute to small step improvements that could be introduced.
    Blueprint linked key themes of strategy, change, performance and feedback, guiding entire operations. This enabled optimised pathways to clinical systems, and conveyed results of change effectiveness on a single pane. A repeatable approach differentiated their sales propositions, winning 3 out of 4 tenders in the first 6 months.

    Manufacturer-Micro Hydro Dynamo; Inventor's Playbook

    It was essential for an inventor to have a level of meticulousness and convincing service metrics in place to run the business, well before securing investment.
    The invention converts water flow in residential/ industrial setting into power. Blueprint administered a one-source reference covering product design, development and manufacturing, feeding back insights, concerns and adjustments to be made.
    Adopting the blueprint has enabled the business idea into a library of tangible knowledge assets that playback signature journeys of ‘what if’ situations and develop the right synergy between product, funding and customer needs.

    OEM-tool maker, supporting manufacturer; Digital ways of working

    IT tooling specialists needed to prove business value (and risk mitigation) of their digital services to refine client’s workflow (manufacturer: energy solution; 3000 staff). The manufacturer was looking to create a whole new fulfillment experience, rather than replacing the whole platform, plugging in new components.
    Ciensys contributed to the specialist’s data and fact led intelligence that went into the ‘build’ of business case activity, needed to obtain approval
    The ‘business case build’ comprised of:
    An integrated view of the ‘as-is’ picture- it’s elements (process, capability, people, systems), exposing the risks and opportunities (design, production, distribution and sourcing).
    Playback of ‘To-be’ solution prioritised 4 of the12 work areas and ten management decision points, where the specialist services could add value incorporating additional data points, associated automation, and metrics traceable to aligned goals of Engineer-To-Order process, decisions and control for ongoing governance.

    Over The Top (OTT) Media Consortium UK; Centre of Excellence

    Developed value proposition for a UK film-OTT production consortium to combine forces with a central Asia government agency that implements policy in creation of high-quality film production).

    The proposition is to produce a scripted drama (6 seasons, 10 episodes / season); use the project needs to develop a centre-of-excellence (COE) with UK/global expertise + local talent.
    The UK consortium has expertise and ability to keep abreast of evolving technologies in film, digital, visual effects and 3D animation. The state-of-the art COE capability (UK expertise+local talent) is designed to be amongst very few such capabilities in the world.
    Blueprint factored in corporate social responsibility (CSR) parameters essential for the economic success of the project while choreographing the entire proposition consisting of the project, COE, production methodology, project workflow, for iterative reviews, playback and refinement. holistic definition of the digital vision, customer proposition, the design and execution plan
  • 5. Our advisory/ leadership team includes specialists in business, technology and knowledge engineering. We create strong bespoke teams suited to each project .

    Robert Grebby

    Technical Portfolio/Program Office

    Robert’s expertise is built on incubating agility and continuous learning from UK’s major public and private sector.

    Keith Hodgkinson

    Transformation-Change Portfolio

    Keith's strategic perspective has made the realisation of complex professional services through tough agenda viable.

    Prakash Sastry

    Centre of Excellence [CoE] architecture

    Prakash has repeatedly demonstrated how organisations can overcome disruption, adapt and grow for the future.

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