• Invitation to North East England Chamber of Commerce members

    We welcome NEEC members to realise desired outcomes of value creating experiences your businesses and customers aspire.


    Ciensys Blueprint service, transforms your current business state - inspite of constant change and complexity into a reusable visual map that mobilises business-wide collaboration. Ciensys is a Newcastle based architecture practice, specialising in business solution design.


    We are also a member of the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

  • Intelligently funnel existing work practices instantly without rework

    Blueprint provides a capture mechanism to encapsulate your entire business in a separate business instance that is version controlled and portable. This allows to remain wired into your 'as-is' business state, yet filter things differently. It is possible to bring tailored and simulated 'what if' scenarios for decision strength discussions and engage with suppliers, partners and specialists without losing control.

  • Options, perspective and proof of performance to transition your business

    from [what is] and the way forward - [what can be]

    "I use several sources to figure things out"

    Know my business.

    Challenge my thinking.

    Show me proof of performance.

    "I cannot believe the wasted effort"

    Keep me current

    Give me perspective.

    Viewpoints to help make decisions.

    "I have a lot going on"

    Explain my options

    Help me compete far more effectively.

    Prosper and grow inspite of uncertainty.

  • Here is what the blueprint can do for you.

    Blueprint works like a geography map - maintains a reusable canvas/ backdrop of your end to end business landscape. Take three steps to align on priorities and translate them into a focused, coherent transformation plan and change story.

  • Bring 'big picture' thinking to transform priorities

    Intelligently funnel existing work practices instantly without rework

    Mobilise end-to-end alignment for shared sense of urgency/ priority

    Chart and playback any scheduled (project, change, idea) or unplanned story (issues, incidents).


    Show stakeholders where opportunities and pain points exist. Feature end to end journeys, highlighting people, process, technology and intersection points.

    Get stakeholder buy-in on priorities, plans and doability

    Blueprint service provides for well organised and maintained libraries of business-case strength change stories for idea feasibility and adoption. .


    The online version of the blueprint map is generated from the same repository and always stays in sync.

    Engage with suppliers, partners and specialists

    Increase the potential to realise the overarching goals by securing buy-in across partners, suppliers and specialists.


    Blueprint provide the understanding and traceability of how every individual's work relates to the overall vision.

  • Use cases

    The holistic end-to-end business context (not just I.T needs) to complete a business task has been the key factor in considering blueprint. Blueprint service can identify small step changes of value to be achieved in 4 to 6 weeks. The size of business range from a 30 person service practice to 30000 employee organisation.


    Recent instances include assisting an inventor in Gateshead, building a micro hydro dynamo, competitive analysis for a global fashion college's UK/London entity, a UK manufacturer with a digital signage/taxonomy as a preamble to a digital transformation and a UK film maker consortium's value proposition for an international co-production venture.

    Blueprints are used to bridge gaps in design, development and delivery and include Business planning, change / governance, Technology services

    aiming to reconcile specific outcomes

    tied to value.



    Position COO team for success



    Sense initiatives following creation of a new IOT division, for quick wins much earlier



    Defined change scenarios that passed business case viability promoting back office optimisation



    Value defining business scenarios created well before technology was mapped.


    Optimise production systems



    Avoid delays processing engineer-to-order [ETO]





    Prioritised usecases incorporating IOT elements to work with existing production system.


    Outcome/ Value:

    identified for savings in average handling time and FTE Client used sensor driven data from existing systems


    Address poor user experience



    Address poor user experience as part of digital transformation.




    Created a single source of truth for the product strategy team and associated digital signage, wayfinding and minimise use of search


    Outcome/ Value

    Organised massive metadata structure for easy navigation


  • Approach









    Before change

    Continuously size and evaluate ideas, trends and issues . Identify business case strength changes much earlier in the change cycle.

    During and after change

    Reuse libraries of standard patterns and scenarios. Feedback learnings and reduce duplication.