• see every aspect of

    business and technology

    fit together in your company


    ciensys's  blueprint helps

      spot gaps, complexities

    & opportunities







    review & adjust

    current impacts


    costs: across projects and functions - savings, funding, spending, wastage
    change & regulatory impact
    across end to end business / IT services,  resource and value streams







    new possibilities




    business risk: explore potential for introducing new/enhance products.
    core competence
    extend business boundary to integrate supply chain and partners







    how everything works



    it is difficult to figure things out when you require a number of dispersed sources to get an unbiased view of your business.

    blueprint, gives reusable, transparent and uncluttered view of how your enterprise works in its entirety.







    the woods & trees


    When operations work in silos, it is hard to figure overall proof of performance while paying attention to low level detail.
    blueprint brings objectivity and reconciles deeper views across operational layers




    gaps efficiently


    Monitoring enterprise-wide performance during constant change requires continuous updates to keep current.

    Blueprint identifies gaps and where bridges are needed; figure out options to join all disconnects.

    take note of issues

    we are working with a few early adopter  businesses in the north east have started using blueprint to address:  

    a. Customer dissatisfaction

    b. Operational visibility

    c. Staff’s knowledge share

    to discuss your own issues

    or learn more about current projects, please register below.




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    We appreciate the time you spent learning how Ciensys can help you drive business value,

    breaking the knots of complexity and providing the necessary feedback loops

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    the blueprint service to:

    achieving growth, innovation, cost reduction & agility 

    Free up management time

    to future proof your business

    Streamline all tasks into

    a single ‘value pipeline’

     Consolidate business functions

    and re-align capabilities or


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  • about Ciensys

    We help enterprises ‘see’ exactly how they imagine their business works, the current state; ask 'what if' questions before, during and after beginning irreversible initiatives.


    Our first building blocks were formed addressing large/ complex transformations in telecom, finance, B2B, CRM and supply chain; driven by customer's original expectations than what is technically feasible.


    The loose set of reusable capabilities we developed to 'blueprint' the blueprint, also forms the founding principles of Ciensys

    • protect & grow an organisation's most valuable asset - its business knowledge, with simplicity, accountability and collaboration
    • ensure tangible benefits are realised where excellence can be experienced in terms of transparency, clarity & agility
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